Scorpio Love Horoscope Compatibility, Signs, Match in 2017

It has been quite a long time people are trying to figure out their true love through zodiac. Even though sometimes people think it is kind of a nonsense thing that should not be believed, still there are many others that put this into their priority before dating someone. Are you a Scorpio and wish to know who is compatible with your horoscope? We have several Scorpio love horoscope and compatibility charts toward other zodiac. So, it is better to check this out if you are a Scorpio and needs some information related to your compatibility with others.

Scorpio Love Horoscope

Scorpio Love Horoscope

Scorpio Love Horoscope With Aries

Let’s begin with Scorpio and Aries compatibility. Aries, that is known to be ruled by Mars, takes minor command over Pluto which is represented by Scorpio. Your match toward Aries is more about erotic explosive and more sexual things. When you meet Aries, it is like you are burned with the power of its sexual appeal. Let’s say if Aries reaches out his hands, Scorpio gets its instinct to jump back. Aries is also believed as energy consuming that makes Scorpio weak. However, both Scorpio and Aries are hypersensitive to abandonment and they may shun each other for their self-protection. Selfishness also becomes the drawbacks for your compatibility with Aries.

Scorpio Love Horoscope With Taurus

Other Scorpio love horoscope will be the compatibility between Scorpio and Taurus. It is quite hard to say that both Scorpio and Taurus have opposite signs that can make you fall into a love-hate relationship. This happens since both of you love to run the love show. Taurus is known as a bossy while Scorpio itself rules and controls. When you build a relationship with a Taurus, it is like both of you are trying to control and rule the same territory. Somehow, this relationship will work as long as you are loyal and can maintain your self-consciousness of personal power.

Scorpio Love Horoscope With Gemini

The compatibility of Scorpio and Gemini seems the unique one. Both of them love to tease each other with playful games; however it does not evoke obvious attraction. However, this relationship is not always that interesting. There are some moments that make both of them depressed. They are prone to frustrating moments that causes mood swings and depression. Gemini itself is actually not that sensual for Scorpio, while Scorpio can be physically and emotionally overwhelming to Gemini. If you make a relationship with Gemini, your family can be indefatigable team as Gemini can play the rowdy role while Scorpio runs from behind.

Scorpio Love Horoscope With Cancer

And the compatibility between Scorpio and Cancer is incomparable. They are noted as an ideal match that protects to each other’s privacy. It results an intuitively trust among Scorpio and Cancer. When both of them build a relationship or family, then it could be a deep relationship which is full of intimacy in every moment. They will never have romantic moments without celebrating them. Both Scorpio and Cancer feel safe each other, with a new love interest every day. Whenever one of them gets mad, the other one definitely knows how to calm down. This is the reason why Scorpio and Cancer have strong relationship.

Scorpio Love Horoscope With Leo

Scorpio and Leo will have a combustible relationship. They also complete each other since Scorpio rules the night while Leo rules the day. Scorpio loves to work behind the scene while Leo loves to be the showstopper. Furthermore, this relationship will be kind of hot one with imaginative, passionate and intimate moment in the bed. But sometimes both of them can have a trouble as Leo’s charisma, charm and flirtation may trigger Scorpio’s jealousy. And when it happens to you, Leo has to be careful not to get into Scorpio’s powerful obsessions.

Scorpio Love Horoscope With Virgo

If you wish to have a shrewd relationship, you need to find someone under Virgo zodiac. The compatibility between Scorpio and Virgo works well when it comes to conversation related to analysis. Both Scorpio and Virgo love to understanding human and examining neuroses that will make both of you busy. You will also be fascinated by each other, like a scientist who admires the other scientists, only it is about love matters. Virgo and Scorpio will build a supportive relationship with high commitment of creating fascinating life to live in. Besides, both of you are lusty and sensual.

Scorpio Love Horoscope With Libra

Romantic Libra seems to be a suitable companion for Scorpio, but it is actually not that compatible. Libra rules the light while Scorpio rules the darkness. Both of you have the same sexual appeal but do not really have commitment to build a serious relationship. Libra prefers to have extended courtship instead of getting married. Yet, the initial relationship between Libra and Scorpio will be a little bit hard since both of you have different temperaments. Some misunderstandings are the most common challenge for you who start to build a relationship. With both of your strengths, you can make a powerful couple.

Scorpio Love Horoscope With Scorpio

How about the compatibility between Scorpio and Scorpio? It sounds interesting to talk about. The combination of Scorpio and Scorpio can create powerful dynamic as they can understand each other based on their instinct. Scorpio understands really well that his partner can be his prey while at the other time can attack him. That is why Scorpio loves to learn the side of his partner. Actually, the only threat for Scorpio and Scorpio relationship comes from the outside world. Therefore, you need to build a strong and powerful bound inside with high commitment and understandings.

Scorpio Love Horoscope With Sagittarius

The compatibility between Scorpio and Sagittarius will be the last but not least love chart. Have you ever imagined of having a relationship with someone that does not give you any challenge? It will be such a boring relationship without including element of danger. A relationship is much interesting with a little bit of drama and challenge to make you struggle. People under Sagittarius do not give you this. This will create a love-hate relationship that both of you try to offend each other. However, you will also be pulled by insatiable sexual attraction like a magnetic field.

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