Pisces Compatibility – Find Best Match From This Horoscope

Of the zodiac, Pisces is the hopeless romantic one—even more so compared to a Cancer. If you are a Pisces, your mythological archetype is the dreamer, meaning you’re an idealist who also wishes that all the relationships you have would meet the high ideals you have set. However, again and again, you may find how you let yourself down. How does this happen? To understand that, it is best for you to continue reading our article about Pisces compatibility below.

About a Pisces Compatibility

Being a Pisces, your overwhelming emotions can be both a blessing and a curse. You get moved easily by both tears and laughter, plus you feel and sense everything. When you are being faced with the world’s pressure every day, it is no wonder that you tend spending a lot of time to retreat to your dream world where you do not need to face facts. This is where your Pisces compatibility typically starts encountering problems: you tend to pretend that your relationship is perfect, so you cannot address any concerns and problems in your head. Eventually, the problems escalate until they finally break down and you are left with untold distress.

On the other hand, you tend to deceive yourself, which makes your greatest weakness as a Pisces. You give way too much of yourself as well, considering how self-sacrificing and selfless you are—something that’s often taken to an extreme. This is why when you are being faced with the end of a relationship; it feels like you have lost your identity at the same time. This is why for a greater Pisces compatibility; the ultimate key is to maintain the independence you have, as well as keeping your own hobbies and friends. Sometimes, you also need to get out of your bubble to see the world the way it is instead of pretending that it’s a place filled with rosy pink glow.

When in love, you are sensitive, giving, romantic, incredibly kind, and compassionate. You always yearn for wrapping yourself up with your partner and together, leave the world behind. With the right person, you can become extremely passionate. This is important for you to demand for as much as respect you’re willing to give. In general, the Pisces compatibility is wide but this can turn into a double-edged sword, especially since you are so willing to fall deeply in lobe so that you may end up with the dangerous people instead—this is the kind of relationship you have to fully aware of as once you’re in it, it’s difficult for you to find the strength to get out.

For the most of Pisces compatibility, a partner who brings a Pisces’ romantic dreams to life yet without taking advantage of your nature is the one you should find. Such person is the one who will keep you from the worst of the escapism, while being gentle enough to ensure that you’ll always feel safe. Once you find a partner like this, you will bless him or her with a wonderful combination of devotion and love other signs can only feel amazed at.

A happy Pisces in a happy and healthy relationship exudes a certain spiritual serenity that somewhat affects your appearance. This also will make your partner feel as if he or she is being the luckiest man or woman ever. The ideal Pisces compatibility can be those of fellow water signs, for both of you should never have to worry about one and another. At the same time, the earth signs can offer you, a Pisces, the stability and grounding for all the emotions flowing in you. With air signs, the compatibility tends to be more limited since you may find it difficult to handle those signs’ aloof nature. Meanwhile, the fire signs make the worst compatibility for the catastrophic relationship it tends to be—this will always still depend on the personalities of individuals involved in the relationship, of course.

Pisces Compatibility Best Matches

1. Scorpio

It is common for Pisces and Scorpio to say that they did not fall in love at first sight, considering how the strong mutual attraction will develop exactly from the outset. A Scorpio tends to become the leader in this coupling, while a Pisces wishes to be cared for and protected. Hence, this Pisces compatibility is simply perfect.

2. Cancer

Both Pisces and Cancer are compassionate and sensitive signs, and this makes this pair a love match according to solid common ground. You will warm to the tendency to become protective a Cancer always shows, while your dreaminess can deliver a sense of romance to a Cancer’s life. Both signs are imaginative, only in different ways—Cancer is great at putting the ideas a Pisces is really good at creating into action. This harmony is something that makes it unsurprising to see how this Pisces compatibility can even lead to a happy marriage life.

3. Capricorn

While it is true that this Pisces compatibility may seem completely different like night and day, but the differences are those that perfectly complement each other. A Capricorn and its grounded and practical nature help the dreamy Pisces with the direction and guidance. Meanwhile, your limitless imagination sparks Capricorn’s existence with the whim and light-heartedness you naturally exude. You tend to feel grateful and happy for the Cap’s ability to take the lead, leading to a union with a great potential to become a successful relationship.

Pisces Compatibility Worst Matches

Here are the signs that are the least favorable Pisces compatibility: Libra, Gemini¸ and Sagittarius. With a Libra, the differences between you to will eventually cause problems—unlike what happens between you and a Capricorn. Meanwhile, the light-hearted, if not thoughtless, approach the Gemini shows to the relationship will hurt your sensitive feeling. As for Sag, its independent and freedom-loving nature won’t be able to provide you the plenty of romance, tender loving care, and devotion you require to feel fulfilled in a relationship due to the Sagittarius’ lack or finesse and tact.

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