Aquarius Compatibility – Find Most Passionate Soulmate

You will find your true life immediately after read this Aquarius compatibility. Some people think that Aquarius is the most mysterious zodiac. Just like water, Aquarius people seems like go with the flow and be free. Their independency makes many people feel attracted to them. However, Aquarius will not fall for someone so easily. It is not that they play hard to get, but that’s just the nature of Aquarius people. So, if you fall in love with an Aquarius, you should do good research about them first. In here, you will get all that you need to know before dating an Aquarius. You could start from some Aquarius personalities to be abl to interact closer with them. So, here what you need to understand about the Aquarius.

No wonder if many people search some clues to know deeper about Aquarius compatibility. The Aquarius traits always look very charming because of their free mind. They love to learn something new about life and ready for critic. This personality makes the Aquarius people have broad knowledge about everything. Because of that, the Aquarius could be right partner for discussion. Aquarius always present with high confident that makes them looks more attractive. They seems don’t care about what others say about them. The Aquarius always have their own set of mind and opinion. Some people who working with them will consider this personality as stubbornness. In reality, the Aquarius people are just ordinary people with independent mind. So, don’t misunderstand them if you want to know the Aquarius better.

When talking about the Aquarius, you could use water for comparison. Water flows look calm and quiet on the surface, but who knows what happen on the inside. If something bothering them, the Aquarius people will looks calm and keep their smile on. But, actually inside they could feel really pissed off. If you start a relationship with an Aquarius, you should remember this clue carefully. When you have problem with your Aquarius spouse, she/he may looks fine but inside feels hurt. If this condition happens, you should do deep talk to solve your conflict. The Aquarius could explode out of anger just like water could splash because being thrown with stones. Certainly, the key to maintain relationship with the Aquarius is to be honest with each other.

Although the Aquarius sometimes quite about their feelings, they are very bad at lying. The Aquarius people are as transparent as natural water spring. So, ask your Aquarius couple to be honest to each other may be best options. Being with an Aquarius, you should learn to read his/her silence as well. Because they cannot lie, sometimes the Aquarius people will choose to keep silent. This condition could be worst since the Aquarius people tend to be overthinking things. This trait may lead to depression, exhaustion, and stress because so many things keep flowing on their mind. As a caring spouse, you should know how to calm them down and make them more relax. They need to be convinced that everything will be all right and just fine.

You may think that it is hard to find Aquarius compatibility because of their small circle of friends. Unlike most of people, the Aquarius team doesn’t really care about how many friends they have in life. For them, the quality of their friendships are far more important than number of friends. Even though they just have small friends, theirs will be loyal and trustworthy. It will take long time for an Aquarius before maintain a close friendship. Slowly, they will select who could be considering as best friends. However, the Aquarius still willing to goes out with other friends as well. They are just really selective to be able to open up to certain “special” friends. So, if you want to pursue an Aquarius, try befriending him/her first!

One fact that will be useful to you, the Aquarians love art and culture. They have great appreciation for music, book, and cultural things. If you want to pursue an Aquarius, you should start with these things. For example, you could ask him/her to do some activities or hobbies together: playing guitar, singing, playing musical instruments, or even go out to museum. If you don’t know how to play the musical instrument, it could be good opportunity to ask him/her to teach you. Hence, you could spend some quality time together with your crush! How fun that could be! Another alternative is to combine your hobbies. If you love shopping, you may ask him/her to accompany you to shop batik clothes, handmade potteries, or any other cultural products.

You could use “surprise” technique to get close to the Aquarian as well. The Aquarians get surprise easily and they truly love surprise! When your Aquarian crush’s birthday comes, you could arrange a surprise party! She/he will really appreciate your effort and knows that you care about his/her happiness. Surprise gift could result in same effects as well. So, use your creativity to think about your next surprise for your Aquarian crush. You don’t have to give them fancy and expensive gift, just show them some creativity sides. For instance, you could do your own handmade chocolate with orange peels or handmade dolls with dried flower ornaments. The more unique the gift you give, the more surprise your crush will be! Of course you need to know what thing your crush love and hate.

Now, how about Aquarius and Aquarius couple? This relationship will be very unique because of their silent nature. But don’t get it wrong; behind the silent they understand each other really good. The Aquarius duo will not put their deep affection into sweet words. Besides, they will choose to do some activities together, for instance go hiking, picnic on flower garden or join a pottery making course. When they are together, the world will be like theirs only. This may cause by mutual understanding that only shared between them. The Aquarians couple will know how to respect their spouse with their high self-esteem. Any conflicts will be solved right away as well, since the Aquarians prefer to more use their logic and reasoning than emotional side. Absolutely, this combination will be the best Aquarius compatibility of the year.

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